About TreeScale

TreeScale is a technology platform for building, hosting, and distributing Docker images. In technical terms, it is a Trusted Private Docker Registry which also capable of team collaboration at an organization level. It is initially built on top of Tree-Based Scalability principle proof of concept open source project https://github.com/treescale/treescale.

Classic Private Registry services allow to host or build Docker images only, but TreeScale aims to provide universal package management between different platforms, programming languages, and technologies. One of the advantages is having a scalable storage system built on top of TreeScale technology is that it allows us to scale into an almost infinite numbers of storage servers and downscale it when compression is complete.

About Company

The company formally founded back in 2017, but before having all that legal setup, we already had a working concept of building distributed systems on top of Tree-Based Scalability. That's why the company itself was named TreeNity Inc. and the product is called TreeScale, all of that is tied with our base DNA, the actual invention of Tree-Based Scalability.

The initial implementation was done in Rust programming language, which is still powering our main storage engine, but now we use many technologies and languages to build the rest of the platform. TreeScale technology still remains close sourced, because after having proof of concept work done https://github.com/treescale/treescale as an open source project, we couldn't find best fit for it other than using it internally to manage our storage systems.